I know pain so well, I had master its shapes and ways…and I can tell you, its all in the mind.imagesQGCN0YJ0

The mind is a parachute, a tool to safety and death…to development and destruction…to gain and pain…remember the mind works based on the principles of association? whatever you call a feeling is what it what is coming out of you has nothing to do with what is outside of you. It is what is inside.. ‘as a man thinketh in his heart so is he’

If you think Pain…you see Pain…and you feel Pain.

When hurt, what do you think? what do you feel? what thoughts came through your mind?

Allow your mind to progress from the level of association to COMTEMPLATION…that is the state in which you are curious and seeks to blow boundaries…a state of asking questions when things associated with particular incidents or thoughts occurs. Asking questions…is stepping out of the box.

Ask; What am I pretending not to know for me to continually feel this pain?

What would happen if I decide to change the meaning I give this pain?

What would not happen?

Your brain will dissociate from the situation to be able to answer this questions as you can only go as high as you go deep…Pain is an ally not an enemy, it is a unique reminder of your human nature, it is an indicator that you can still live life fully.

Always look outward, do not focus on your immediate thoughts and feelings of pain…go deeper in questioning the source and purpose of that feeling. No delusions…see the gain in that situation, beyond the appearances and limitations.

Never forget your mind is a powerful servant but a terrible master. You need to learn to rise above your mind… above your hurt…above your pain.

I honor you

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