Understanding Your Emotions 2

Today, I had come in to work looking forward to a bright day, but alas as I sat at my desk with my laptop, with a wide grin on my face I inserted my USB flash into the drive and…

My flash drive holds all my documents and precious works, both official and personal information are stored in my USB- my books, my projects, my on-going assignments, my Master thesis. I have had this flash drive for more than 5 years now, no virus, no corruption, no damage.

I can remember the last use of my USB was just yesterday, when I needed to show a group of girls an abortion slide, my laptop battery was dead and I had used their school’s laptop to project my flash content. No alarm, no indication, no damage as I retrieved my USB till now when I had put in my USB flash drive to access my Master’s project thesis and phew…my flash is wiped off. Yes, cleaned out! I mean, my USB flash was empty. I could feel the blood rushing to my brains and back to my veins, I could feel my throat tightening as fear gripes me. Where are my documents? When and where did I catch a virus? Have I lost it all?

Immediately it crossed my mind,  ‘I have not backed up recently’ I could feel my emotions welling up, my blood pumping fast and I could feel sweat on my face although the air conditioner was on the highest. Fear, anxiety, panic…I felt it all at once.

Then I told myself to calm down and think, instead of breaking down. Think of what could have happened, think of ways to get some of my documents back, think…instead of allowing my emotions control me. Easier said..hunnn.

Few hours later at home-my sons asked for my phone to play a game, I looked into my bag, my car, my luggage then I realized I have also lost my phone. We searched everywhere, to no avail. This is too much for me in just ONE day…I lost all documents in my USB and also lost my phone. I couldn’t stop the wave of thoughts that started gushing into my mind, …”I just failed, I am too careless, I am infested with ill-luck, the world is against me, this is too much for me, someone corrupted my flash, someone took my phone…” As the self-condemnatory and blaming-others thoughts flooded my mind, the more I lose control of my emotions. I screamed at my kids, I was edgy and touchy , I refused to make dinner and would rather be all alone. My emotions had taken over.

Our thoughts determines our reactions, our reaction births our emotional display per time. So what are you thinking? what are you reacting too? what emotions seems to be beyond you? Trace it, identify it and master it!

I struggled to keep my emotions together as I thought about how much I had lost in one day, until my husband sent me this message… “God’s eye runs to and fro, all over the earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those who put their trust in Him. lets praise Him. Do not be sad, rejoice” As I read through his message, I could feel a surge of energy sipping through my veins, I decided to deliberately focus my thoughts on the good things that had happened in the last few days and to do my dance therapy.Image result for pictures of woman doing dance therapy

Yeah…Dance. Dance is a therapeutic means to control your emotions. Force your body to move in a rhythm and the mind registers it as positive…it also gives you few minutes to clear your thoughts and input more positive thoughts into the situation. Then you are in charge.

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praise worthy- think  about such things. Phil 4:8

I honor you


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