What Do You See?

Do you know that what you see, you have 99% hope of reproducing?

That is, what you look at consistently… you have more chances of becoming. It is often said that perception is reality. What you think, is what you see…

So what are you thinking? what are you perceiving? what do you see?

You see, it doesn’t matter what others are seeing, neither do what they say , think or do. what do you see?

Pushing your thinking boundaries, will be necessary to see clearly and further this new year, or what do you think? Is it even possible to solve yesterdays’ challenges with yesterdays’ thinking? … a challenge may not be resolve-able if one remain at the same thinking level as when the challenge emerged.

Look beyond your spot…the knowledge you had acquired is good , however it is never enough. FOCUS on looking more, searching more, stretching more, thinking more, knowing more, imagining more, SEEING  more. Here in lies, your success.

Are you focused on your present challenges, situation, background or limitations, it will not GO until you shift your gaze. Shift your gaze, adjust your focus and look further, there is more, beyond the NOW.

Do not limit yourself, if you need to change position to see further ,please do not hesitate to do so…AS FAR AS YOUR EYES CAN SEE SO CAN YOU ACHIEVE!

I honor you ….GO AND BE YOU!

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