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Don’t judge me…


Whoa! The year 2015 has come and is quickly running to an end, with all it’s errors, mistakes, misunderstandings, angers and tears. Its all swiftly running to my past.

I don’t know how much of 2015 you are still holding on too, let it go. Its all now in the past, as we can not rewind time.

It doesn’t matter who is judging you, you don’t be too hard on your self. Forgive your self, forgive your mistakes…no one is actually above it. Probably, you went through your 2015 goals and almost all were not achieve, it doesn’t make you a failure, it’s just a feedback on how to do it better next year.

Don’t judge me, because I am older, better and wiser than I was yesterday.
Don’t judge me, because I  am not the mistakes or errors in my past.
Don’t judge me, because where I am, is not where I am going to.
Don’t judge me, because I am not yet a finished product but a work-in-progress.

I am walking to my tomorrow, my eyes are set on my future…my past remains in my past and my today is what matters today. I believe in Me!

2015, my eventful year. Missing you already….


To all my friends, followers and readers, this is my admonition to all…Always believe in yourself and ignore your judges.

I honor you