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“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong”

Mahatma Gandhi

This last week, looking back I realized I had to help more of my clients work on forgiveness as a means to their own healing, awesome profound realization!

forgive 1

Many just realized for the first time that they were actually hurting more from holding on to their grudges and hurt than letting go. Your pain simply holds you to your past and to break from it and move on in life you need to let go of that pain.

Do you know that holding on to your pain does not hurt the person who offended or hurt you? It doesn’t change his/her outlook to life. It doesn’t stop them from hurting you again if the chance appears.

If I may ask you,

Who carries a sad countenance?

Who finds it difficult to trust people again?

Who doesn’t want to risk having fun to letting down their guard?

Who is hurting?

Who is struggling with fear, anxiety, hatred, anger and depression?

Who is crying? Who is not living life to the fullest?

Who has ulcer? Who is ill?


I was around 7years, when I began to experience life as hateful and tormenting. I hated my abusers…I hated my life, twice I thought to end it. Sad, broken, timid and depressed, I thought of suicide…forgetting that life continues even if am gone.

Then in my darkest hour, I saw light-

Someone, took my hand and showed me the strength I needed-FORGIVENESS. I learnt to fight back with the greatest weapon-LOVE. The weapon that won me my battles, gave me my life back and taught me real victory. I am FREE, I found love and I found me.


Now I know, the world indeed is a beautiful place… Bitterness, Anger and Hatred are what pollutes our world. They hold us to the past while forgiveness, leads us to the future.

To forgive is to look forward, to release yourself from your pains and give your heart a beautiful gift. It is for you not for your abuser. It is a sign of your strength.

Hence, I challenge you this season as the year 2015 runs quickly to an end, to take a deep breathe and recount your pains and hurt that you had carried over the years and make a decision for yourself, for your future and for your life to FORGIVE.


I believe in you, in your passion and your heart.