FEAR- deal with it!

My World is Crumbling…

A client came in to my office and before I could say ‘Good morning..’ she burst into tears and shaking violently screamed ” I am tired of this life, nothing is working, ..(sobs) I have served God all my life… I have prayed and prayed but God seems not to be interested’… (more sobs) I don’t even know what next… I am so afraid to continue living, my whole world seems to be crumbling one after the other”.

It took her almost the next twenty minutes before she was calm enough to even explain what her challenges are.

Do you seems to understand this woman? You identify with her?

You also might had felt like this woman… when it seems the whole world is crumbling down on you. You had cried and cried to no avail as It seems no one hears your cries…nothing good seems to be coming out of life, even God seems to have gone on a sabbatical leave.

Friends and families are nowhere to be found… the ones that stayed, you can see the helplessness in their eyes as they stare at you.

Fear! Anxiety! Worries! Helplessness! Broken-hearts! Loneliness! Sadness! Brokenness! name it….

Wonder if you had ever felt any of these before? Wonder if your world had ever crumbled? How does it feel?…

Let’s talk about fear first.

Someone once defined FEAR as





The simple truth is that; everyone is afraid of something. Everyone goes through a challenging season at one time or the other, what determines how long such challenges last is FEAR.

Fear is your greatest enemy to success or a fulfilling life. Fear is a powerful force. In one way or the other it had been known to keep people from accomplishing what they really want out of life.

Fear of rejection, Fear of failure, Fear of success, Fear of the Unknown, Fear of Dying, Fear of losing, Fear of poverty, fear of….

Everything you desire of life is actually on the other side of your greatest fear. If you do not go for it, to conquer it, it will keep looking like nothing is working for you or God isn’t on your side. No!!

Succeeding in life requires more than wishing or praying, it needs you to move, to act and to confront your fears. Fears antidote is Courage and Action. Coach Keith Johnson in the book, Confidence Makeover states that

Overcoming life’s obstacles and making it to the top in life will require confident ACTIONs. Confidence will move you to action and action will destroy all your fears”.

Image result for pictures of fearYou need to sit down and ask yourself,

What is holding me back from a fulfilling life? What are some of my greatest fears? When and how do they manifest? What counter-action could I take to confront each of these fears?

Always remember you are not your past and courage is not the absence of fear…

I honor you

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