‘YOU’ – The journey of self discovery

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Permit yourself to be ‘YOU.’ Your original self! Focus on YOU.

Our life is a process of focus. Whatever you focus on, you will attract. Everyone has an internal filter, which determines what we ‘focus on’, ‘look for’, or ‘sort for’ as well as what is ‘left out’ of our expanses of reality. That is, ‘nothing’ means anything except the meanings you give to it. What meanings or answer would you give these:

Who are YOU?

Where are YOU?

Why are YOU here?

What are YOU to do here?

Image result for pictures of self discoveryYou never know the road, life will take you. You might know where you are going and probably not how to get there. Therefore, you need to be prepared and equipped, you need to KNOW you and BE you.

If you do not know YOU, nor understand your person you might not go far on life journey. You probably will perform less than you should and get less from life than you deserve. I have met several beautiful, intelligent and wonderful people who when paid a compliment regarding these, decline- actually disclaiming the truth-filled compliments. Someone once said to me, ‘I don’t think I am that intelligent’ after being paid a compliment regarding her IQ. Of course, am not surprised she complains about life generally. When you do not know YOU nor what YOU have to offer life, life gives you nothing in return.

You can’t blame others for where you are, when you do you shifted the power of YOU… the power of change, into their hands. The power of change is YOU. YOURSELF. All meaningful change or progress comes from within. Surprise the things that are holding you down and soar high when you know YOU. The knowledge of YOU informs your personal growth. It informs your relationships. It informs your missions and values. It informs your happiness and a sense of fulfilment. Image result for pictures of self discovery

It is a known fact that out of millions of people world wide, no finger print is the same. Every individual is unique. There is a unique YOU. No one can be YOU and YOU cannot be some else, at best you can pretend to be but that’s not you.

Trapped within everyone is a Champion waiting to emerge…YOU!

Know YOU and Be YOU …your unique self and the world will stand for you. Those the world identifies as great achievers are people who had gone on the journey of self discovery. They knows themselves, their passions and their life goals, they boldly accepted themselves and the world accepted them.

I challenge YOU to go on a journey of self-discovery…its a journey to happiness, fulfilment, and success.

Image result for pictures of self discovery

I honour YOU.


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