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The child in YOU

Take a deep breath and for a moment relive those happy and free times in your childhood.

adult child : happy smiling kid, little girl on beachThe times before the sense of caution started rushing in… the times when you weren’t afraid to try or make mistakes… the time when all you know is how to laugh and play… the times when you simply love to be carried and thrown into the air…the times when you dream of adventures, of knights in shinning armour, of flying , of conquering, of winning, of being special, of being loved.

That was a time, nothing seems impossible to YOU…Do YOU remember that time?

How long ago…

… when no outside or inside voice(s) was telling you your dreams are too big… or you do not have what it takes…or you lack finances and potentials…a time you do not see the impossible, you do not count the cost nor do you care what it takes. You just know you want it and you go for it.

I was at a training recently and the facilitator commenced class daily with a playful dance session, insisting the best state to learn is the state of playfulness. Hence, the conscious mind is unconsciously bypass to allow the new learning…in a state of childhood playfulness. How much of our potentials are hidden in our childhood? How much of our dreams are buried in the grave of our childhood. How much have we lost when we lost our childhood.

Its in you…yes, the child buried under the guise of adulthood. I challenge you to arouse it from its deep slumber, from its grave , from the racketed hiding spots inside YOU. Allow your innocent childhood(before the hurts, abuse, abandonment, rape etc.) resurrect back to life and you will enjoy life in a much better way.

Celebrate every child around you and celebrate the child in YOU child : Close up family portrait of african mother with daughter outdoors.

Happy Children’s Day

I honor you

What are You Hidding?

Image result for pictures of someone hidingWhat are those things you don’t want others to see?

What habit do you engage in, that you would rather not want others to know about?

What is it that you can be with that wont let you be?

The dark intrinsic side of us… the side we judge in others? Its so amazing the phenomena of PROJECTION; when we point accusing fingers, the others comes to you. Whatever we judge in others is a disowned part of our self. When you react to a projection, you actually are/ become that projection. Often, we cover up that side of us, wearing different masks, faces or attitude.

What are you hiding under that mask?…

…is it an affair? …an addiction? …a double life?Image result for pictures of someone hiding

if you don’t deal with it, it will deal with you. It has been said that ‘ when we reject our own reality, the self will war against us’ . Its like a smoke covered up, its just for a moment it will find its way out. Then it can be disastrous. Then, we have newspaper headlines;

‘a minister caught pant down with a church member’,

‘ a super star accused of child sexual abuse’,

‘a leader stealing public funds’

‘a devout husband struggling with masturbation’,

‘a camouflage marriage -male/female couple both actually homosexuals’


How long can you afford to keep hiding? Till it shocks you? Till it exposes you? Till it breaks you?

Confront it!

Yes! confront it! Don’t hide any more, face it and be free. Image result for pictures of emotional freedom

There is freedom in every pain! Our light shines when we acknowledge our darkness. It is all a divine plan…everything that happened to you. It wasn’t a mistake. There is a purpose for it. Don’t hide it anymore.

that dark side… that weakness…that which you hide… can actually be a strength, if well utilized. Get someone to talk to about it , free your heart of the burden. Talking about it limits its hold over you, if its got a strong-hold over you seek professional help.  You will be amazed how much strength you have in you to deal with it. Don’t ignore it, don’t hide it.

Do you know…

Someone else is waiting to be helped by the strength of your weakness. In fact, are you seeking purpose? I mean life purpose, you need not look far anymore…look deeply at your weakness, that which you hide is a pointer to what you were born to address.

Come out of the closet, the world is waiting for you.

Your weakness… your shame…your fears…your PURPOSE!!!


If you just read this and finds it interesting, useful or impacting, kindly share with others.

I honour you




‘YOU’ – The journey of self discovery

Image result for pictures of self discovery

Permit yourself to be ‘YOU.’ Your original self! Focus on YOU.

Our life is a process of focus. Whatever you focus on, you will attract. Everyone has an internal filter, which determines what we ‘focus on’, ‘look for’, or ‘sort for’ as well as what is ‘left out’ of our expanses of reality. That is, ‘nothing’ means anything except the meanings you give to it. What meanings or answer would you give these:

Who are YOU?

Where are YOU?

Why are YOU here?

What are YOU to do here?

Image result for pictures of self discoveryYou never know the road, life will take you. You might know where you are going and probably not how to get there. Therefore, you need to be prepared and equipped, you need to KNOW you and BE you.

If you do not know YOU, nor understand your person you might not go far on life journey. You probably will perform less than you should and get less from life than you deserve. I have met several beautiful, intelligent and wonderful people who when paid a compliment regarding these, decline- actually disclaiming the truth-filled compliments. Someone once said to me, ‘I don’t think I am that intelligent’ after being paid a compliment regarding her IQ. Of course, am not surprised she complains about life generally. When you do not know YOU nor what YOU have to offer life, life gives you nothing in return.

You can’t blame others for where you are, when you do you shifted the power of YOU… the power of change, into their hands. The power of change is YOU. YOURSELF. All meaningful change or progress comes from within. Surprise the things that are holding you down and soar high when you know YOU. The knowledge of YOU informs your personal growth. It informs your relationships. It informs your missions and values. It informs your happiness and a sense of fulfilment. Image result for pictures of self discovery

It is a known fact that out of millions of people world wide, no finger print is the same. Every individual is unique. There is a unique YOU. No one can be YOU and YOU cannot be some else, at best you can pretend to be but that’s not you.

Trapped within everyone is a Champion waiting to emerge…YOU!

Know YOU and Be YOU …your unique self and the world will stand for you. Those the world identifies as great achievers are people who had gone on the journey of self discovery. They knows themselves, their passions and their life goals, they boldly accepted themselves and the world accepted them.

I challenge YOU to go on a journey of self-discovery…its a journey to happiness, fulfilment, and success.

Image result for pictures of self discovery

I honour YOU.